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A series of events to share the results of IMPACT research with stakeholders and other scientists is being held throughout the life of the project. On this page you will find brief reports of the events and links to presentations given at them.

Impact Final Conference, Dublin, 7th May 2013
Impact Final Conference, Dublin, May 2013
Impact Final Conference, Dublin, May 2013
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The final conference of the Impact Project was held at the Guiness Storehouse in Dublin in May 2013.

Documentation relating to the conference, including agenda, list of delegates, abstracts of presentations, and several of the presentations themselves, can be found by following the link above.

Project Stakeholders Seminar, January 23rd 2013

'New climates, New pests, New Solutions' Top forestry experts from across the UK and Ireland met in west Wales in January 2013 to reveal a toolkit for combating the increase in deadly attacks on trees across both countries. The pests and pathogens summit follows one of the worst years on record for destruction in the forests of Wales - with thousands of trees having to be felled to reduce the impact and spread of these damaging organisms.
IMPACT Stakeholder group meeting 2012, at Llanarthe, Carmarthen
IMPACT Stakeholder group meeting 2012
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NUIM, Maynooth, Ireland, 24th January 2012

Hylobius Stakeholders Group Meeting at the National Botanical Gardens, January 17th 2012

NUIM, Maynooth, Ireland, July 25th 2011

Swansea University - Science Progress and Stakeholders Meeting, July 5th 2011

ENTO 10, Swansea University, Royal Entomological Society Event, July 2010
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