Keeping woodlands in Wales and Ireland healthy

Glossary D


DAFM:Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine, Dublin, Ireland.
Darwinism:The term used to describe the process of evolution through natural selection.
DDT:(common name) A widely used synthetic insecticide; a chlorinated hydrocarbon, dichloro diphenyl trichloroethane.
Deer Initiative in Wales:A broad partnership of statutory, voluntary and private interests dedicated to "ensuring the delivery of a sustainable, well-managed wild deer population in Wales".
Definition:In Entomological Terms – a statement in words that purports to give those characters which, in combination, uniquely distinguish a taxon.
Deforestation:Conversion of forest to non-forest.
Defra:Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: the UK Government department responsible for policy and regulations on the environment, food and rural affairs in England.
Degradation:Any significant reduction in the fertility of a soil, whether in the course of its natural development or by direct or indirect human action.
Deliverable(s):An aspect of a proposal that the provider commits to do or supply, usually and preferably clearly measurable.
Delivery:Partners are about delivering projects or activities that benefit those involved. It is tempting to try and jump straight to the action – recognise that work is needed to get agreement on what needs to be done, and how.
Dendrochronology:The science of dating events and variations in environment in former periods by comparative study of growth rings in trees and aged wood. (tree-core data collection).
Depauperate ecosystem:One which is lacking in numbers or variety of species, often because it lacks enough stored chemical elements required for life. This type of ecosystems often cannot support rapid growth of flora and fauna, high biomass density, and high biological diversity.
(Indices of) Deprivation:A ward-level index made up by the following indicators: housing; geographical access to services; health deprivation and disability; education; skills and training; income; and employment. (South West Regional Assembly) There are two supplementary indices concerning income deprivation affecting children, and income deprivation affecting older people.
Description:In Entomological Terms – a more or less complete statement of the observed characters of a taxon, without any special emphasis on those which distinguish it from other closely related taxa.
Development Officer:Development Officers are in place in order to facilitate programme implementation in each jurisdiction. The work of the Development Officers will be co-ordinated by the Joint Technical Secretariat and the Welsh Assembly Government and will assist in the process of project development. Additionally, the Development Officers will play a role in advising applicants on the preparation and implementation of projects. The Development Officers will also be involved in the promotion of the Programme
Diagnosis:In Entomological Terms it’s a statement in words that purports to give those characters which differentiate the taxon from other taxa with which it is likely to be confused.
Diagnostic Characters:In Entomological Terms – the characters, or most important characters, which distinguish a taxon from other similar or closely related taxa.
Diapause:A period of suspended animation of regular occurrence in the lives of certain species, especially the young stages. It enables them to survive adverse conditions, such as hard winters.
Diebacks:Common symptom or name of disease, especially of woody plants, characterized by progressive death of twigs, branches, shoots, or roots, starting at the tips.
Dipterous pests:Belonging or pertaining to the order Diptera, comprising the houseflies, mosquitoes, and gnats, characterized by a single, anterior pair of membranous wings with the posterior pair reduced to small, knobbed structures.
DJF:December, January, February (Winter).

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