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Most damaging Forest insects

The following table is based on information in "Forestry Commission Handbook 1, Forest Insects: - a guide to insects feeding on trees in Britain" by D Bevan, published by HMSO 1987

It is restricted to those insects with a damage rating of 4 (XXXX) [Severe. Causing severe loss of crop increment, death of individual trees, severe degrade of produce, of young stock or of amenity value.] and 5 (XXXXX) [Very severe. Causing death of crop]

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Dendroctonus micans Kugelann, 1794

Great spruce bark beetle (Dendroctonus micans  Kugelann,  1794)
Great spruce bark beetle / Chwilen Fawr Rhisgyl y Sbriwsen

Type of trees: SPRUCE (PICEA)
Damage rating: Damage level 4

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