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Press releases

Integrated Pest Management is paying off in the forests of Wales (26-05-2015)

Pest control measures within an Integrated Pest Management approach being carried out by forest scientists in Wales are paying off, helping to secure the future of the timber sector.
Stori llawn

INVITATION – IMPACT project final conference - New ways of fighting the increasing number of forest pests (01-04-2015)

Tuesday 12 May 2015

The Management Centre, Bangor Business School,
College Road, Bangor University, Bangor, Gwynedd

You are invited to join us for the final conference of the IMPACT project at Bangor University where the latest advances in the fight against forest pests developed by the project team will be revealed.

Stori llawn

New ways of fighting a new wave of forest pests (18-03-2015)

ADVANCE NOTICE – IMPACT project final conference - Tuesday 12 May 2015

Join us for the final conference of the IMPACT project at the Bangor University where the latest advances in the fight against forest pests developed by the project team will be revealed.

Stori llawn

Welsh forests given all-clear on tree pest (18-03-2015)

A team of scientists in Wales has given the forests of south Wales the all clear following concerns that a new tree pest could have migrated across the border from England.
Stori llawn

Climate change – and tree pests, more money for research (17-03-2015)

Forest Research in Wales, together with its partners from Swansea University and the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, has won new funding for its IMPACT project, which is assessing just how changing climate will influence the damage caused to trees.
Stori llawn

Tiny bugs that feed on horse chestnut trees. (17-03-2015)

Those traditional autumn conker contests in Welsh playgrounds could be threatened by tiny bugs that feed on horse chestnut trees.

Horse chestnut trees across the UK have been disfigured by attack from the larvae of Cameraria ohridella – better known as the horse chestnut leaf miner moth - which was first identified in Macedonia in 1984.
Stori llawn

Welsh forests - facing the challenges of today, preparing for the future (26-02-2015)

The programme to protect Welsh woodlands from disease run by a dedicated team of forest researchers is stepping up a gear as Welsh trees face some of the biggest threats in generations.
Stori llawn

Instant trees bring instant pest problems – as landscapers and gardeners ‘buy in’ tree disease (10-05-2013)

Impact Final Conference, Dublin, May 2013‘Instant’ trees planted in the landscape across Wales and Ireland could signal the death knell for many forests and woodlands because of the pests and diseases they bring with them.
Stori llawn

Protecting current and future forests - coping with pests, pathogens and climate change (10-05-2013)

Climate change and booming international trade combine to create an ever increasing threat of novel pests arriving and causing damage to forests across Ireland and Wales.
IMPACT final conference - Dublin - 7 May 2013
Stori llawn

Preparing for the 'perfect storm' as plagues of pests and pathogens threaten Ireland and Wales. (15-04-2013)

A 'perfect storm' is brewing as climate change and booming international trade combine to create an ever increasing threat of plagues of pests across Wales and Ireland . . . IMPACT final conference - Dublin - 7 May 2013.
Stori llawn

Deadly attacks on Welsh forests - science summit reveals new 'toolkit' to fight pests (11-02-2013)

Top forestry experts from across the UK and Ireland meet in west Wales as a toolkit for combating the increase in deadly attacks on trees across both countries is revealed for the first time. The pests and pathogens summit follows one of the worst years on record for destruction in the forests of Wales - with thousands of trees having to be felled to reduce the impact and spread of these damaging organisms.
Stori llawn

Forest Pests and Climate Change in Irish Woodlands (18-03-2012)

Irish forestry is threatened by the same climate change that is already requiring Ireland cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020, and possibly 30% should a comprehensive international agreement on climate change emerge.
Stori llawn

Forest pests - new threat to Irish woodlands from climate change (20-03-2011)

The large pine weevil (Hylobius abietis) – the single most important insect pest of plantation forestry in Europe – is on the march, helped by the affects of Climate Change.
Stori llawn

Fighting back against tiny invaders which could devastate trees in the British and Irish countryside (20-03-2011)

The IMPACT Team and other speakers at the January 2011 symposium at Maynooth. The massive increase in world trade is having unintended consequences that are seriously affecting trees in the British and Irish countryside as deadly pests breach our border controls.
Stori llawn

Newid yn yr hinsawdd – paratoi ar gyfer micro-frwydr yng nghoedwigoedd Cymru (02-08-2010)

Mae’n bosibl bod y bygythiad i goedwigoedd a choed Cymru o ganlyniad i newid yn yr hinsawdd yn llawer gwaeth nag yr oeddem wedi meddwl – oherwydd rhai o’r creaduriaid lleiaf yn y byd.

A bellach mae’r Uned Ymchwil Coedwig yng Nghymru wedi mynd ati i ddarganfod pa mor fawr yw’r bygythiad mewn gwirionedd drwy sefydlu project newydd – IMPACT – gyda phartneriaid o Brifysgol Abertawe a Phrifysgol Genedlaethol Iwerddon, Maynooth.

Yr hyn y bydd y tîm IMPACT (Rheolaeth Integredig dros Blâu Coedwig i Ymdrin â Thueddiadau Hinsawdd) yn rhoi’r sylw pennaf iddo yw sut y bydd newid yn yr hinsawdd yn dylanwadu ar y difrod sy’n cael ei achosi gan blâu a phathogenau.
Stori llawn

Climate change – gearing up for a micro battle in the forests of Wales (02-08-2010)

The forests and trees of Wales could be under even greater climate change threat than first thought – from some of the tiniest creatures in the world.
Stori llawn

Welsh field trials point way to new natural, environment friendly pest control (02-08-2010)

Tiny parasites are already beginning to reduce damage to the forests of Wales caused by the large pine weevil (Hylobius abietis).
Stori llawn

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