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A Guide for increasing tree species diversity in Wales Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 1.26 MB   display document
This document provides advice on increasing species diversity in Welsh woodlands and forests. It is aimed at professional foresters and woodland owners.

Climate change and British woodland: what does the future hold? Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 910.97 KB   display document
The potentially serious consequences of predicted climate change for British woodland are reviewed here, together with their implications for future species suitability.

Developments in the integrated management of pine weevil, a pest of restocking in conifer plantations. Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 370.64 KB   display document
Integrated Forest Management (IFM) as a concept parallels the Integrated Crop Management (ICM) approach being adopted increasingly in agriculture. It examines all aspects of the forest crop production system to determine which have most influence on total productivity and survival.

Discoveries in Science - The Americans arrive in Wales Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 432.82 KB   display document
An article on the recent arrival of woodlands pests from the US.

EU: Science for Environmental Policy - Forest Protection in Europe Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 441.73 KB   display document
The EU has adopted a green paper on “Forest protection and information in the EU: preparing forests for climate change”. This special thematic issue provides current information on the dynamics and relationships between forests and climate change and insight into the role of forest management and ecosystem services in protecting EU forests.

FCW: Our purpose and direction, 2011 to 2014 Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 4.35 MB   display document
Forestry Commission study outlining current thinking on the most likely effects of climate change on UK forests and woodlands.

Flight ability and reproductive development in newly-emerged pine weevil Hylobius abietis and the potential effects of climate change Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 686.17 KB   display document
The pine weevil Hylobius abietis (L.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) is a ‘silvicultural’ pest because local population size and the amount of feeding damage to young transplants is determined largely by the influence of silviculture on the availability of the roots and associated stumps (root-stumps) of the conifers in which they breed.

Impacts of climate change on forestry in Wales Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 425.98 KB   display document
Climate change is now one of the greatest global challenges, and research is under way to establish the likely impacts on many aspects of the environment . . .(An FC report by Duncan Ray)

Integrated Forest Management Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 1.18 MB   display document
A report by David Wainhouse, Hugh Evans, Roger Moore, Joan Webber, Katherine Thorpe and Joanna Staley. Forest Management (IFM) programme is the co-ordination and development of research that has the ultimate goal of reducing the use of chemicals in forest management.

Managing acute oak decline Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 1.15 MB   display document
Past episodes of acute oak decline have affected tree foliage and the two main causal agents were the defoliating caterpillars of the leaf roller moth (Tortrix viridana) and the powdery mildew fungus (Erysiphe alphitoides). Outbreaks tended to last for around 5–10 years, before stabilising, tailing off, and sometimes disappearing. However, it now appears that a new episode of acute oak decline is occurring in Britain as there have been reports of a rapid decline in oak tree health – particularly in mature trees over 50 years old – and an increase in tree mortality in some areas. A key cause of this outbreak appears to be pathogenic bacteria and this is currently being investigated. This Practice Note describes the symptoms of acute oak decline and gives guidance on management options.

Managing the threat to restocking posed by the large pineweevil Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 33.71 KB   display document
This Note advises forest managers of the importance of recording the time of felling of spruce (and possibly pine) crops in order to improve the management of the large pine weevil, Hylobius abietis, on restocking sites. This information is important for improving the efficiency of insecticide use, identifying suitable sites for biological control operations, determining the length of fallow periods to avoid damage, and implementation of a new Hylobius Management Support System (Hylobius MSS).

Nuisance Insects and Climate Change Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 2.1 MB   display document
An Investigation into the Potential for New and Existing Species of Insect with the Potential to Cause Statutory Nuisance to Occur in the UK as a Result of Current and Predicted Climate Change.

Pests and Diseases - Joan Webber & Hugh Evans Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 1.47 MB   display document
Pests and diseases It has long been recognised that climatic conditions influence the epidemiology and incidence of many pests and diseases. Now, with the growing acceptance that man’s activities are causing a gradual change in the global climate, there is an increasing need for research into the climate dependency of pathogen and insect outbreaks. Over the next century climate change is likely to have both direct and indirect effects on the environment and, in consequence, to alter the way we manage our forests and also how we combat the damage caused by pests and diseases.

The Climate Change Challenge for British Woodland Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 42.4 KB   display document
How will trees in Britain adapt to the changes in climate expected over the next 100 years? Stephen Isaac explores the key issues and looks at potential responses.

The Green Spruce Aphid – a pest of spruce in Ireland Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 287.25 KB   display document
The green spruce aphid (Elatobium abietinum) has been recorded on spruce in Ireland since 1914, where both the host plant (spruce (Picea)species) and the aphid are exotic species . . (A report by Keith Day)

The Integrated Forest Management Programme Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 1.18 MB   display document
One of the principal objectives of the Integrated Forest Management (IFM) programme is the coordination and development of research that has the ultimate goal of reducing the use of chemicals in forest management.

Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Action Plan Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 5.22 KB   display document
The Forestry Commissions\'s Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Action Plan. The Action Plan sets out an integrated approach towards a strengthened strategy for dealing with serious tree and plant pests and diseases, the threats from which have increased with the expansion of global trade providing potential pathways for their entry into the UK.

Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Action Plan - full document. Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 64.3 KB   display document
A Forestry Comission paln to counter specific current disease and pest outbreaks and future threats, via a collaborative partnership of landowners, industry, academia and Government.

Tree Health Expert Group - Annex A - Established pests and diseases Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 19.29 KB   display document
A table detailing the spread, control, knowledge and research of established UK woodland pests.

Tree Health Expert Group - Annex A - Established pests and diseases Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 18.22 KB   display document
A table detailing spread, control, knowledge and research of other global woodland pests.

Tree Health Expert Group - Annex A - Potential Threats in the EU Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 19.14 KB   display document
A table detailing spread, control, knowledge and research of potential pest threats in EU woodlands.

TREE SPECIES and PROVENANCE Categories: Impact publication Document    Size: 14.87 KB   display document
Information on over 60 tree species that are either widely grown in British forests at the present time or which could play an increasing role in the future, focusing on those species which could be expected to produce usable timber in British conditions.

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