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Category: Impact publication : Document - High Level
Exploiting synergies to optimise the impact of entomopathogenic fungi Categories: Impact publication Document - High Level    Size: 928.07 KB   display document
Biological control in IPM systems : An article on insect pathogens and entomopathogenic nematodes

Metarhizium: A natural alternative for controlling pests Categories: Impact publication Document - High Level    Size: 136.14 KB   display document
Development of the entomogenous fungus, Metarhizium anisopliae, for the control of vine weevils and western flower thrips in horticultural growing media.

Category: Document - High Level
Presentation to final IMPACT conference from NUIM on using a Regional Climate Model to assess where and when Forest Pest problems intensify. Categories: Document - High Level    Size: 3.42 MB   display document
Presentation showing the work of John Sweeney and Rod Teck examining where and when known climatic thresholds for existing and potential new forest pests will occur using a high resolution regional climate modelling approach.

Category: Impact publication : Document - High Level
The Culicoides Biting Midge Categories: Impact publication Document - High Level    Size: 1.37 MB   display document
Article on the Entomopathogenic Fungas as a control for an important vector of livestock disease.

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