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IMPACT researchers are modelling the effects of climate change on key pests to improve protection of biomass for carbon sequestration and bioenergy in the woodlands of Ireland and Wales. The team is also providing specific pest risk profiling and an assessment of those pests posing the greatest threats to tree growth. Laboratory and field experimentation, trials and technology demonstrations to test and prove new methodologies will be documented in this section.

The project team have also produced a number of publications which can be viewed online. You can view them all or search for specific documents here or go to the individual categories by following the links below:

Information notes
High level documents
Press releases
Pest profiles
Educational resources


Most damaging Forest Insect database

You can view a list of the insects causing severe and very severe damage in our Insect database or go to the pest profile information page here


You can find links to a number of other websites with useful related information on our links page

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