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How will climate change affect trees and their pests?
Impact's investigation of the effect of climate change on trees, pests and the enemies of the pests across the landscapes of Europe.

How will IMPACT work in practice?
How it will work

Impact Final Conference

Impact photo gallery
Impact photo gallery

IMPACT Symposium in Maynooth, January 2011

Links to other websites containing useful information about forests

Most damaging forest insects
Details of the most damaging forest insects in Wales and links to further information on location and treatment.

News from the IMPACT project

News from the IMPACT project
Latest news from the Impact project


Pest Profiles
Brief profiles of some of the most important pests and pathogens affecting the forests and woodlands of Ireland and Wales.

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Terms of privacy

Project stakeholders seminar, January 2013
Agenda for the Impact project stakeholders seminar, held at the National Botantic Gardens of Wales

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Research from IMPACT
Research initiatives and publications by IMPACT

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Search the IMPACT project website

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Using nature's weapons to battle current and future threats

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