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Meeting future challenges - IMPACT Symposium, Maynooth

Delegates at the IMPACT symposium in Maynooth, January 2011

Delegates at the IMPACT symposium in Maynooth, January 2011

Meeting at NUI Maynooth, near Dublin for the symposium - Insect Pests of Trees: Meeting Future Challenges on January 24-25 2011 the IMPACT team was joined by local foresters and timber growers to review the latest information on pest problems facing forestry – and the preventative and control measures that can be taken.

"We have already seen the dramatic effects that imported pests can have on our forests," said IMPACT project leader Dr Hugh Evans Head of Forest Research in Wales. "And as climate change continues to make our weather warmer and wetter then the challenges will only increase."

Although the IMPACT team is concentrating on insect pests - both native and introduced - that are likely to benefit from changing climate, the devastating effects of tree diseases were also emphasised at the Symposium. Examples include the effects of Phytophthora ramorum, a fungus-like pathogen that is causing extensive damage and mortality to trees in the UK, including Wales, as well as Ireland.

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